Coming soon.... Broads in HK, Ari in Oz.

After a very exciting (read nailbiting / scary / hectic) few months, I am OVERJOYED to announce the Broad Family will be relocating to Hong Kong!

Apartment hunting, getting used to public transport again, and walking up and down SO MANY BLOODY STAIRS have filled my past week. 

This however, comes at a price. We must bid farewell to our beautiful Fur Child Ari, who we have since he was 9 weeks old. 

We love you so much, even though you try and trip me up at least three times a day and I sometimes find you starring into space which makes me think we have a poltergeist and really freaks me out. 

Ari will be going to live with my wonderful parents in Gippsland, where he will no doubt dine on steak and be yelled at repeatedly by my father for jumping on the car. 

We Love you Bagheera. 

JB xx