Welcome to Instagram - Take 3

After two failed / half hearted attempts at Instagram, I have decided to take the bull by the horns (and compete with my friends) to have an AMAZING Instagram account. 

Determined to make my third attempt stick and succeed, I went to and asked the advice of my learned friend and mentor "Google", and did some research on what makes a successful Instagram account. Check it out. 

1. Be consistent. 

None of this - 5 photos in 30 minutes then no one hears dicky boo for two weeks. Routine, consistency and a plan is apparently what keeps the punters coming back. 

2. Hashtag 

Yes, i used to find them ultra irritating, but they work. So, sorry, but I'm trying to make a name for myself here #pleaselikeme

3. Have a gimmick

I'm a photographer, so in a platform dedicated to photography, my job isn't so much a gimmick as "Derrr". So, after some lovely 2am brainstorming sessions I hatched a plan. I have a catalogue of almost 50,000 images taken since 2006. Who has seen them? More or less no-one. 

So, my "gimmick" is each week, the photos will be based around a central theme. Like a portfolio, each Instagram for the week will fit within the parameters of my #themeoftheweek or #totw for short. 

So - this is what I'm doing. You can follow me (pretty please)  on http://instagram.com/juliabroaddotcom and see what I'm up to this week. 

First up - #Japan. 

Thanks everyone!


JB xx