ECPAT began in 1990 as a campaign to End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism. 

they have a growing network of 95 civil society organisations in 86 countries.

julia worked with ecpat philippines in 2014 to raise funds through the AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALand ASSOCIATION



Foresight has been committed to working with the Solomon Islands Government to build a sustainable eye program for more than 20 years.

Foresight focusses on education, training, provision of equipment and infrastructure development to help the Solomon Islands people cure and prevent blindness.

julia flew to honiara to document the ongoing work of dr. john hue and the nurses in july 2015.

foresight philippines - 2015

Foresight has been working in the Philippines since 2013 in partnership with the Adventist Hospital Santiago City (AHSC) and Open Heart International.

Santiago City is situated in the Cagayan Valley in Northern Luzon, a rural area situated over ten hours drive north of Manila. With a large population, high levels of poverty and no comprehensive eye-care services, this region has one of the highest rates of blindness in the Philippines.

julia documented a medical mission for one week with a team of australian surgeons in april 2014.

Bulucan medical centre - 2016

Bulacan Medical Center is an institution dedicated to delivering quality, affordable health care to Bulakeños and is situated in Malolos City.

julia worked with the medical centre and nicu in february 2016 to raise funds through the australia new zealand association in partnership with springboard foundation.

to date over 1million pesos have been donated. 

Springboard Foundation - medical mission in payatas- 2014

during the spring of 2014, a measels outbreak araveged the poorer areas of Manila.

with the help of springboard foundation, a team of doctors and nurses held two medical missions, immunising those who had not been, and treating those already infected. 

julia atteneded payatas several times over 8 months in 2014.