I once heard that when man makes plans, God Laughs. I had very grand plans for my blog in 2015. Virtual tours, behind the scenes, live interviews, videos! So many ideas So! So much growth! And it didn't happen. I couldn't understand it - EVERY TIME i had this amazing idea and sat down to do it, i just couldn't. I had this CREATIVE ROADBLOCK which i could not get around, no matter how hard i tried. 

So i examined the problem. What do i do? I take photographs. What do i want to be doing in five years? Take the best damn photographs I can, and keep getting better and better and better. 

What you will see here is a REFLECTION of what i do - month to month, highlights of my shoots, my wonderful clients and how i approach different scenes and challenges. 

Thanks to my generous, supportive subjects, models and families for their creativity, warmth and encouragement. It all comes down to you. 

JB xx