Pinto Art Museum - June 2014

It had to happen eventually. This is my first blog post which did not occur in the month I am writing in. This month was meant to be all about Hong Kong. I did in fact go to Hong Kong, and it was wonderful, except for the fact that it stormed like i have never seen storms before (I live in Manila - i know storms). 

So, this month I introduce to you the Pinto Art Museum, which i visited with my in laws back in April during their holiday the Philippines. 

I'll admit, the Museum is not exactly signposted in neon. It is nestled in the hills overlooking Metro Manila, and on clear days you can see for miles and miles.  

Located in the one hectare Silangan Gardens, Pinto Art Museum was founded by the Silangan Foundation for Arts, Culture, and Ecology, headed by renowned neuroscientist and art coinessur Dr. Joven Cuanang. Designed and built by artist Antonio Leano, the original building was erected in 2001, and has since grown to a number of outbuildings which serve as the cultural home to these pieces. 

The museum takes it name from the Tagalog word for ""doors", and as you make your way through the adobe inspired buildings, you understand why. 

Resident artists are available at select times during the week to guide visitors through the galleries, and the main house, which is the weekend retreat of Dr. Cuanang is available for private events. 

On weekends visitors can get a bite at the cafe, with a range of local and international dishes. 

Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights. For event bookings and private hire, go to